Independent Studies Program Student Interview


By Grace Miller

On Sunday, February 5, I attended the Cinema Vanguard Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams were honored with this award and Simona and I interviewed them both, as well as the writer and director from the movie Strawberry Days, Wiktor Ericsson.

Simona was there with me and as we waited patiently on the red carpet. We noticed about twenty people who looked to be in college or high school. A few walked down the carpet and we were lucky enough to stop one and interview them. We found out that they were all college students who signed up for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival Studies Program. To apply for this you must be studying film in college. I found it very interesting how you could apply for this no matter where you are living or going to school.

He shared that his experience was incredible and he was introduced to many filmmakers attending the film festival. Getting to interview this young man helped explain other ways you may get involved in our community even if you don’t live in Santa Barbara. I had a wonderful time interviewing him as well as Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, and more.

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