Guide To Choose The Right Light-Up Shoes


By Alessa Manzo

Light up shoes are a great way to add style and fun to your wardrobe! These are not the light-up shoes of your youth. They are so much fun to wear! the old styles were prone to break down, which kept people shopping for their pair of light-up shoes. These days they can be switched into the on or off mode, and they are actually rechargeable! The shoes can last a long time as long as you buy the brands high-quality shoes. Most have a well hidden USB port for recharging for your shoes.

Where To Buy LED Shoes

Start by choosing the design, color, and brand you want. You may have an idea of what you want in your mind, and for that reason, focus on finding the brands of shoes that fit your feet best. Whichever brand have LED shoes are a good candidate for your list of top picks.

The Battery

While most LED light-up shoes have rechargeable batteries these days, go with a long-lasting battery. They can stay lit up for up to 9 hours. That means you can extend the the time they are lit up conserving juice from the battery.


Make sure you always try on your shoes before you buy them. They should fit well and be very comfortable. A comfortable shoe is a well-used shoe and a great investment !

Cleaning The Shoes

Avoid putting your shoes in the washing machine and, do not submerge them in water by hand either. Instead, a damp cloth is the best way to keep them clean. Light up shoes are great for a party and everyday accessory. Depending on your personality and your unique individual sense of style you may wear many colors and designs. Enjoy the search for the next pair that will light up your life! They are a lot of fun, and sure to start many conversations when you are going out. Just be sure they are able to keep up with their call of duty for a long time.

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