A Day Without A Woman


By Lucy Hancock

Girls, get your pinks and reds together because today is March 8!

March 8 is International Women’s Day, also “Day Without a Women”, so that means wear red, wear our pussy hats, and even go on strike. Instead of doing a march, females decided to take it one step further and go on strike. They did this so that they could stay in the kitchen all day making their husbands sandwiches right? Wrong. Women are doing this to prove how much they mean to this economy. If every women didn’t go to work, or school, it would make a huge difference. For example,  if all your female teachers went on strike (76% of teachers are female teachers at most public schools), You would most likely only have around 3 teachers to actually teach you. Some schools have shut down because female teachers didn’t go to teach just because it’s a Day Without a Women.

If you’re wondering how you should contribute to this, wear red and/or a cat hat. Girls all over are wearing red clothes and their pussy hats to symbolize their kind. So girls, get out there and show the world that you’re being strong and supporting your people!

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