Logan Review


By Somerset New-Stein

The second Rated R super hero movie created by 20th Century Fox (Following up the 4th greatest grossing R rated film of all time, Deadpool) Logan, definitely improves on the very bad standalone Wolverine film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Logan does not feel like a typical X-Men movie, and is more of a western flick as opposed to a light hearted, action packed, fun movie. Logan is a very sad and desolate movie about loss and what it takes to do what’s right, which caught me way off guard when I was watching it.

Hugh Jackman (Logan) is amazing in the movie and is finally allowed to show his Oscar nominated acting skill. Logan is slowly dying by his Adamantium skeleton implanted by the Weapon X Program is poisoning him; along with his healing factor being extremely reduced, and you can feel his pain and how he doesn’t want to take out the famous claws anymore and just wants to relax. Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier) does a great job playing Professor X who is suffering from a brain degenerative disease, that makes him very dangerous to the general public. In most of the X-Men movies Professor X has been in a wheelchair, but his telepathic powers makes up for his lack of mobility. But in Logan he has lost control over his powers and it makes him very vulnerable. Dafne Keen (Laura) does a great job playing the new mutant, X-23 or Laura, even though she doesn’t say much until the end of the movie. Boyd Holbrook plays the metal arm toting villain named Donald Pierce. In the movie he’s charming and creepy at the same time. In the first act people may like him, but towards the end of the movie watchers will hate him.

The plot of the movie is that Logan is a driver who uses his earnings to buy medicine for Professor X. He is confronted by a woman named Gabrielle, who wants him to take her daughter to North Dakota for 50,000 dollars, which he could use to take care of both himself and Charles Xavier. The rest of the movie is Logan taking all of them to North Dakota (or trying to).

Logan is a great movie, but viewers are in for a surprise if they’re expecting a prototypical goofy X-Men movie. It’s a dark and sad movie, that sends off Wolverine on a great note. Logan in my opinion should score a ⅘ for great characters, cool action sequences, and great acting. I would recommend this movie to people who like Western/Action movie and to people who like a good journey story. Logan has a runtime of 221 Minutes, and is rated R.

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