MLB Spring Training

9202970-mlb-spring-training-philadelphia-phillies-detroit-tigers-850x560By Bennett Van Donge

Spring Training just began on February 25. Most of the players are preparing for the upcoming season which will start the first week of April. But for others, they are just trying to make the team. If they play well here at Spring Training, they will be on the team for the rest of the season. Even though none of these games go on the team’s record, everyone is competing harder than ever chasing their, MLB dream.

There are 2 places where Spring Training is held. The Cactus League is held in Arizona and the Grapefruit League is held in Florida. Most people enjoy Arizona better because all of the stadiums are only 45 minutes apart from each other. In Florida, all of the stadiums are about 3 hours away from each other. For these reasons, Arizona is a more desirable location for fans and players.

More fans enjoy Spring Training games better than regular season games. In the regular season, a ticket behind home plate is $2,500. During Spring Training, the ticket is $101. The reason the tickets are so much cheaper is because most of the players are rookies, the games don’t count, and they are not in their own city. For many people, Spring Training means more convenient prices.

During Spring Training it is easier to interact with the players. If a player is standing in front of his dugout you can talk to him. But if you did that at a regular season game, the security would ask you to leave them alone. You can also get autographs very easily. This is another reason why many people enjoy Spring Training more.

Spring Training will continue until March 29. Than all of the teams will play 4 exhibition games with the closest team to their home city. Then the regular season will begin on April 3. This is when the games count. Until then, the teams will have to choose who makes the roster and who gets cut from the team.

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