An Family Tradition for Easter

By Jessie Logsdon
Some of the best traditions are the simplest. In my family, we have a tradition that takes place every Easter. The whole family comes to my grandma’s house and eats a Easter themed brunch. We have deviled eggs, and brightly colored fruits. My grandma and I like to make spring colored bouquets and other Easter decor. Afterwards, the adults hide all the eggs and the kids choose their picnic baskets. The kids are finally released and it’s a mad dash to find all the eggs. The eggs are filled with candy, and every once in awhile, 50 cents. They are hidden up in trees and inside of pots. At the end of the hunt everyone sits down and starts opening up some eggs, candy for lunch! Jelly beans and tootsie rolls get devoured as everyone enjoys the sweet goodness. Whatever your traditions, keep them simple and fun for the whole family!

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