Jazz Band Competition



By Sophia Burridge

On March 4th, the Santa Barbara Junior High School Jazz Band competed against 5 different junior high jazz bands at Dos Pueblos High School. This was one of the biggest competitions for the jazz band all year, and it was one of the most unique.

The SBJH Jazz Band arrived at the school around 7:45 AM. They had some time to practice before they performed in front of a panel of judges. As the group practiced together, they came closer and closer to their performance. At about 8:30 AM, it was finally their time to get up on stage and play for the judges. They had to perform 4 songs, each of them having a different style. After they performed, they could finally calm down. They went into a workshop next, where a judge swapped with another judge to come and work with them, and gave them little notes and tips on how to improve. They showed them where their strengths were and where they could work a little harder.

In the evening, three students came back for awards. Joy Patterson, Hannah Song, and Elena Everest. As they waited nervously to see how they did, the award winners were announced. In third place for the junior high was Lone Hill Middle School. The second place overall for the junior highs was the La Colina Jazz Band. Finally, in first place, was the SBJH Jazz Band! The girls cheered as the crowd cheered for them! Everyone was satisfied with the results.

In all, the SBJH Jazz Band won 3 awards. First place out of the junior highs, best rhythm section, and best soloists! It was a great win for the jazz band and one that they will always remember!

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