End of the Year Events

By Joy Patterson

We have reached the final month of school! Summer is calling and testing is done, but there are still several events coming up for SBJH’s students.

Minimum Day

This Tuesday, May 16th, is a minimum day, so be sure to prepare for the short classes.


There is one more major academic hurdle for students to vault- finals. Not all teachers give these giant accumulative tests, so you should find out which classes you will be tested in. Even though our brains are already switching to summer mode, don’t forget to study!


Yearbooks are still for sale! You can buy them in Mr. Shelton’s room 218. They will be distributed soon, and are a great way to remember your Junior High years.

Renaissance Faire and Civil War Day

These two events for seventh and eighth grade respectively, are a ton of fun. Check with

your history teacher’s or the other articles for details on these events. Ren Faire will be on Friday May 19th and Civil War Day will be on Friday May 26th.


June 8th is the last day of school and eighth grader’s will be attending a promotion ceremony. Details about the event were emailed to every family. Be sure to attend! This day is also a minimum day.

The last few weeks are really packed, but are promised to be full of fun and excitement for everyone!

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