Days Left of School


By: Zoe Mixon

Starting today (May 17) there are three weeks and two days left of school. As you know the school year is coming to a close, although it is ending there is so much more to do. For example, there is eighth grade promotion, renaissance fair, civil war day, and of course, finals. I know that there is some things that people are looking forward to and everyone can’t wait until summer vacation, but there is a lot more fun things planned.

One thing that I know the seventh graders are looking forward to is renaissance fair. At renaissance fair there is going to be food, games, henna, fun costumes, and much more. The renaissance fair has a bunch of different booths that will be worked by the seventh grade. Also everyone gets to dress up in costumes of people that we learned about throughout seventh grade. Renaissance fair is coming up on May 19 so come and join the fun.

For the eighth graders there is going to be a civil war day. At civil war day, they will have a chance to fire a cannon and some other activities. Another thing that the eighth graders have to look forward to is graduation. Graduation will celebrate the eighth graders who will be going into high school next year. As well as graduation, there will be an eighth grade party to celebrate.

Last of all there is finals week. I know that not a lot of people that are not looking forward to finals week, but I like to think of finals as a mark of almost finishing the school year. As you know finals are always at the end of the semester, so when finals roll around I know that we have almost reached the end of the semester or in this case the end of the year.

Those are a few of the big things happening the rest of the school year. As you can now tell there is a lot more activities planned for the rest of the year. I hope everyone has a great rest of the school year!

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