Manchester Bombing

23manchester-pictures-2-superJumbo.jpgBy Chloe Buckley

On Monday, May 22nd there was a terrible tragedy. Ariana Grande had a concert in Manchester, and unfortunately it was worse than expected. After the concert, a suicide bomber stood at the exit and didn’t let anyone out of the arena. That bomb exploded and shortly after a bomb outside of the arena exploded as well. There were 22 victims, adults and kids. The youngest one appears to be 8 years old. People have been inviting others to stay in their homes as they look for their families.

At least 10 people that were under the age of 16 are in the hospital being treated for injuries. The UK is naming this a terrorist attack by ISIS based on a social media post they posted stating they placed a bomb among the crowds. They’re claiming is among the worst terrorist attack that’s happened in the UK. There were 59 crowd members that were wounded, and many are in critical condition.

At this point not much information has been collected, but the police have arrested a 23 year old man who has been reported knowing the suicide bomber. Ariana Grande is suspending her tour to get over the trauma she was put in as well. This is a terrible time for the UK, our hearts go out to the families who have lost people, can’t find their families, or have people that are in critical condition.

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