First Mornings of School

By Anya McCue

The first day of school I woke up excited. I was starting a new school, I was going to make new friends and I was going to have new opportunities. When I got there I saw no one I knew so I decided to go up to my first period class. When I got there it was completely deserted except for Mr. Shelton. I decided to go back downstairs and it was complete mayhem. I found my friends and we all were in the hallway getting yelled at by one of the adults. “Go to the Quad! Go to the Quad!” they said. My friends and I were really confused but we went to the quad. It was crowded with people and they all seemed to be going somewhere. We decided to go back in the hallway and we asked Mrs. Knecht what was going on. She explained that it was zero period but the bell was going to ring soon. So, we went to our first period class and I said goodbye to my friends and when I went into my classroom it was packed with students. When I went in I sat down next to another 7th grader and we became fast friends. Then the bell finally rang. And I started my first day of school.

Second morning I woke up and I went back to sleep I did not want to get up. It was too early. When I finally did get up I had to rush out the door to go pick up my friends for the carpool. Finally we arrived and we went straight to the quad because we knew how everything worked now. Then the bell rang for 0 period and we knew that we were supposed to go to class. I rushed to class and sat down in my seat. I had made a new friend so I didn’t feel alone anymore and then the bell rang for the rest of the day.

Third morning I didn’t want to wake up, it was way too early in the morning but I got up anyways and I got picked up by my carpool and when we arrived at the school it didn’t feel like a completely new school anymore, it felt like my school. It felt good to be in this environment and I was ready to let go of my elementary school.

The rest of the school week I wasn’t lost anymore and I knew my way around and I finally had settled into my new school.

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