iPad Roll out

Carolina Koceman


iPad Rollout

Tuesday on September 5, 2017, at Santa Barbara Junior High School all students in 7th and 8th grade got brand new IPads. Students at other schools including Washington, Santa Barbara Middle School, Roosevelt, and others also got IPads. Each IPad includes a charger and also a navy blue keyboard case.
Students are getting IPads because some students don’t have access to a computer or a device at home for homework use. They also might have wifi problems, so having the IPads solves that. The ipads allow the students to log into sites like neo to check their grade. The IPads also allow all students to enrich their learning experience by using different tools that are on the iPad.
Students are responsible for their IPad. Once they check the iPads out, the students are responsible to take good care of them. Some tips on how take care of your IPad is to keep all liquids away from your IPad to prevent the IPad from being spilled on. You should also know where your IPad is at all times, don’t share it with friends or siblings. Also be aware and don’t drop the iPad because you could be charged a fine to replace or repair the iPad.
IPads are big responsibility, so. Here are some things not to do. You should not throw the ipad around because it could easily break.You should not take off your iPad case because you could damage the iPad in the process of doing so. One more thing is try to keep food away from the iPad. Remember, you are responsible for your iPad, take care of it!
Overall they iPads are an expensive learning tool and you must take care of them!


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