My Microburst Eperience

Jessie Logsdon

Last Sunday, my house was hit with a small tornado. This was due to the microburst that hit downtown, Santa Barbara. I had a friend over because we had had a sleepover the night before. We were in my room picking out outfits to go down to state street in the hot and sweaty weather. All the windows were open and fans were on to help keep us cool. I had finally picked out an outfit when the lights and fans startled flicking in and out of power. We were confused because it was a regular sunshiny day. Suddenly, quicker then any weather change I have ever seen, the rain came down faster than a blink. The wind pushed the pouring rain and hail into the open windows of my house, quickly flooding my desk and living room. We shut the window in my room and I began to panick. I ran out into the dining room where my grandma was and we looked outside. It was pouring harder than ever and I was scared of the loud wind. I looked out the back door. Suddenly, the wind and rain picked up so fast and a sudden boom hit my back yard. It span around and it threw furniture across my yard. I was extremely scared because I didn’t know when it was going to end. Then, just as quickly as it started, it all stopped. The sun came out again. The damage that it caused was crazy. The pergola on our porch was thrown across our yard, pots were broken, plants were on the ground. When we took my friend home we surveyed the damage and it was insane. The town didn’t even look like Santa Barbara. Luckily we were able to fix the damage in our house but it was still an unforgettable experience.

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