by Nina HallIMG_0517

It is the beginning of school again, for some people, their first year in Junior High and for others, their last year in Junior high. But something almost everyone shares is being apart of is WEB Day. WEB Day is on the second day of school every year and is a day for the seventh graders and even the eighth graders to have fun and make friends. WEB day for our school and its many different people, with many different backgrounds to come together. Everyone can have fun and all the nerves that were built up in the seventh graders leading to their first day of junior high can wash away.
That morning, the WEB leaders were asked to come to school at 7:15 to have one more little training session with our WEB teacher. He prepared us for the day one last time. In the room there was a feeling of excitement, but also some fear. Yes, that’s right, the eighth graders were scared of the seventh graders. The anticipation for the day had been being built up since summer. Now the day was finally here and about to start. We were told to stand outside in the hallway in front of the Luke and wait for the seventh graders. The first class came down the hall and there was a roar of excitement shot in every which way, all throughout our school. The seventh graders were asked to get their name tags and walk into the Marjorie Luke theatre. More and more seventh graders flooded into our theatre, and once everyone was seated Patrick came up onto the stage.
The Marjorie Luke was filled with familiar faces and brand new ones. Everyone was excited to meet new people and have an amazing new experience. Patrick’s voice was suddenly projected through the room. He stood on stage proud and excited for the day. For about an hour or so, Patrick played games with us and entertained us. He showed us different ways to communicate with each other and how we can work together. He talked about our differences and similarities. At the end, he talked about how special our school was. We are all different, but we come together so well, he explained. Then he sent everyone off to go get into groups and do some fun activities.
All of our WEB leaders walked outside and started to set up for the activities and suddenly the seventh graders flew out of the front doors and onto the grass to go find their groups. As the activities lead by the WEB leaders began, the fun came along with it. They taught multiple different activities to the seventh graders and everyone was enjoying themselves. Across Santa Barbara, you could hear the fun and laughter radiating off of our school. After a couple hours everyone was asked to start their tour. Each WEB leader gave their seventh graders a special treat to munch on as they were introduced to the halls of Santa Barbara Junior High. Throughout the school there were groups of seventh graders walking in awe of the size of our school. After about fifteen minutes it was time for the seventh graders to be brought back into the Luke. Group by group, everyone was herded into the Luke. Patrick came back up on stage. He walked out proud of the WEB leaders and excited for the seventh graders to begin the new year. He began to talk to us in his flashy way. While Patrick was onstage he taught many things in such short amounts of time. One activity had a million lessons contained inside of it, and as Patrick asked the seventh graders to leave. Everyone slowly emerged out of their seats and slowly walked to their classes. Before the WEB leaders left Patrick gave them a small speech in honor of their hard work. He began to say thank you for the Saturday that you took out of your summer and went on and on in that manner. He asked questions about whether WEB day was challenging or easy. The responses were very mixed. The answers were dependent the seventh graders’ behavior that day. Overall WEB day was a wonderful experience and was an amazing day.

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