Theatre update

Anya McCue

August 28 and 29, Mr. Lashua, the director of the upcoming play, Hamlet, held auditions for the students of Santa Barbara Junior High to try out for the play Hamlet, The Plie’s the Thing. Act 1 is an adaptation of the tragedy to make it a lot shorter than the usual four hour play. It is still the same story, but some of scenes are danced out in ballet form with professionals from the State Street Ballet and students. Act 2 is Hamlette. “Imagine if ‘Hamlet’ wasn’t ‘Hamlet’ at all but ‘Hamlette’-a woman! This play is a twisty turn interpretation of the classic Danish tale…” says Alison Williams, the writer of the play. It is supposed to be a comedic relief for the audience after the tragedy of Hamlet in Act 1 and the Act 2 is just a hilarious twist of the play.
The cast list was put out on August 30 and Mr. Lashua, student director Zoe Mixon, and student assistant directors Daisy Foreman and Amelia Mendro worked very hard to cast the play,

“Hamlet(te): The Plié’s the Thing” Official Cast and Crew List

Andrulaitis, Eden – Lights/Sound

Cadiente, Cheyenne- Narrator 1

Diaz, Milana- Run Crew

Faizullabhoy, Jamila- Ophelia (Act I)

Fitton, Kyle- Hamlet (Act I)

Foreman, Daisy- Assistant Stage Manager

Hann, Parker- Claudius (Act I), Horatio (Act II)

Harlow, Catherine- Horatio (Act I)

Husted, Zoe- Voltimand (Act I), Host, Ghost (Act II)

King, Ben- Polonius

Koceman, Carolina- Lights/Sound

Kronberg, Anna- Cornelius (Act I) and Barnardo (Act II)

McCue, Anya- Barnardo (Act I), 2nd Player (Act II)

Meeder, Kate- Ghost (Act I)

Mendro, Amelia- Assistant Stage Manager

Mixon, Greta- King/Queen (Act II)

Mixon, Zoe- Stage Manager

Mora, Jonathan- Run Crew

Ransdell, Jack- Laertes (Act I)

Reid, Stella- Rosencrantz (Act I) and Referee (Act II)

Shapiro, Carah- Reynaldo (Act I) and Actor 4/Ophelia/Laertes (Act II)

Siegel, Chloe- Francisco and Gravedigger 1 (Act I)

Stadler, Pearl- Gravedigger 2 (Act I) and Actor 3 (Act II)

Stuart, Willa- Hamlette (Act II)

Sutherland, Hana- Marcellus (Act I) and Actor 2 (Act II)

Szerwo, Lena- Narrator 2 (Act I)

Szerwo, Mali- Guildenstern (Act I) and Player (Act II)

Vorbeck, Kaeva- Gertrude

The past week we have been reading over the script, getting a feel for the play and what the play is about. It has already been a great experience and I can tell that I am really gonna like the cast and the crew and everything about the upcoming play Hamlet!

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