Interview with Mrs. Chilton

By Sophia Burridge

If you have ever been in the library, you have probably seen Mrs. Chilton, the librarian at our school. The library is for checking out books, classroom research, to do homework in, or even just to quietly socialize with friends in.

Every month, Mrs. Chilton orders new books from Chaucer’s. The first shipment came in September. The library is open from 7:50 – 4 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Thursday, the library is open from 9 – 4. From 7:50 – 2:45, the library is open on Friday.

This year is Mrs. Chilton’s 8th or 9th year as a librarian. She has worked at La Cumbre Junior High before she came here. She decided to come to Santa Barbara Junior High because she had some good friends who worked here, and some of her friends at La Cumbre retired. Her biggest challenge about working here is trying to meet the needs of students. She hasn’t really thought of doing any other job.

This year, we are getting a green screen in the library. This will be for school projects and videos. Because we have the iPads now, this will be accessible for everyone, and it will be a lot easier to plan out and shoot a video. Also, there will be a MacBook Air for editing these projects/videos. This will all hopefully arrive in November.

The library is a great place to go to, whether you are in the library for reading, doing homework, researching something for a class, or socializing with friends.

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