The Challenges of Picture Day

Alondra Valdez


Picture day, the day that most people dread. We all have taken bad pictures and regret things we did that day. Parents put our pictures up on the wall and send them to all their friends and family. The girls with their long or short dresses checking their hair every moment. Guys with their tuxedos and gelled up hair. Picture day is that day where you try to be sick, where you beg your parents not to go to school. That day where how your picture turned is a mystery. You’re scared to get your picture because it feels like you’re opening a door to the unknown. People really don’t like picture day so they go to extreme measures by not coming to school. Others wear what they want and their parents deal with that. Although some kids still like picture day most don’t. Lots of kids wear black clothing and gray clothing you don’t often see bright colors. The challenges of picture day never end, year after year over and over.

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