London Fashion Week


By Jamila Faizullabhoy

London fashion week started on Friday September 15 and ended Tuesday September 19. Fashion week is a week held for all the fashion industries out there who want to display their clothing to the world. All designers, brands, and clothing lines bring out their new creations.
If you go to fashion week your day will be packed. There will be interviews and showcases of all kind. There is many different things going on at once. Some events last 30 mins and some last up to 8 hours.
Fashion week isn’t only for women. Lots of men show up too. Though they have a separate event some of their designs are shown in these 4 days as well.
Some new trends we saw are the comeback of nineties sunglasses, according to Teatum Jones, “The smaller the glasses the bigger the impact.” A new trend: ruffles. These ruffles are not just any normal ruffles. These ruffles come all the way down your clothes. The new colors that came back were yellow, navy, black, and grey. Even just a little hint of yellow on your clothing is in style. These new trends will hold us till the next fashion week in February.

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