Elementary school vs. Junior high

Anya McCue

Elementary School and Junior High are very different. Coming into Junior High I didn’t know what to expect and I only had vague stories from my sister who also came to SBJHS. I was super excited because I knew that it was going to be very different than what my elementary school was like.
I think that the most drastic change for me was how huge the Junior High is compared to my elementary school, Cold Spring School. There are way more students in each grade and so many teachers. At Cold Spring School, we didn’t have clubs and I think that it is a great opportunity for the seventh graders that the Junior High has clubs. Also the Junior High has Journalism, The Theater Program, Woodshop and so many other amazing electives that my elementary school didn’t have.
At Cold Spring School we did have the 6th grade play but it was way different than the Theater Production that I am in now. Also another difference between the two schools is P.E.. In my elementary school we never had locker rooms and we just went to P.E. as we were. At CSS, we had Music and we learned new songs for the upcoming Sings that everyone had to go to, to sing and dance. Sings are basically these choir performances that everyone in the school does. Which is really different from the Junior High where you would never be able to do something like that unless you were part of the Choir or Theater.
Academically, the beginning of the year so far has been a lot of review but we have also learned a lot more. In elementary school, at first it was super easy but then in 6th grade we had to do a lot of work and we went super fast through every lesson. I do think that Junior High is harder, but having six teachers for all of my academic classes instead of one teacher for all of them makes the day a lot more fun and interesting. This is because of the different styles in teaching and the different classmates in each class.
Overall I think that the Junior High is a great place to go to after Elementary School because of all of the new opportunities and new teachers and classmates and the Junior High is a much bigger place that all of the seventh graders can grow into.

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