Responsibilities of Being the Oldest

IMG_0015By Christina Castro


Being the oldest kind of sucks, but if you think about it it’s sometimes fun. The hardest thing about being the oldest is that if you doing something wrong your parents get mad at you, but if your younger siblings do something wrong ,your parents won’t care. The good part is that if your parents leave you home alone with your siblings they make you the boss of them and you take advantage of that and control them, but if they make a mess your parents will blame you , so there’s a good part and bad part about that .
What is the most challenging thing about being the oldest ? Oh I know , you have to do chores, clean your room, wash the dishes, and do laundry while your siblings sit on the couch relaxing and watching Tv. How is that fair ?Then you tell your parents and they make excuses like you’re the oldest, you’re more mature, etc.
The hardest thing is when you have to make your sibling food and take care of them and things like that.
My favorite thing I like about having younger sibling is when I can control my siblings. Since I’m the oldest, I can tell them to do my stuff (which kind of sound cruel). I also like it because it’s fun having younger sibling they look up to you , there think of you as their hero.

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