The Earthquake in Mexico

By Camila Angeles

On September 19, Central Mexico was struck with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. With more than 200 dead, and at least 800 injured, this is the second major earthquake that hit Mexico this month. Ironically, the earthquake struck on the 32nd anniversary of the earthquake that hit in 1985, killing thousands. Although the earthquake struck about 75 miles southeast of Mexico City, there was extreme damage done.
Despite being hundreds of miles apart, both earthquakes seem to be a result of the rupture of fault lines within the North American tectonic plate. Among the dead are 21 school children. Rescuers are rushing to save the children before it is too late. They are providing food and water to them beneath the rubble. More than 2,000 public schools suffered damage during the earthquake. Sixteen of the 212 affected schools in Mexico City had severe damage. Schools have been shut down, and millions are left without power.
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has urged citizens to remain indoors while rescue attempts continue, but many are joining forces to save their neighbors. Mexico’s soccer teams have asked people to bring water and nonperishable foods to their stadiums and other facilities for the victims.
Many fundraisers have been set up to help aid Central Mexico. Organizations such as UNICEF Mexico, Red Cross Mexico, Project Paz, Topos Mexico and Save the Children are accepting donations to help the victims and their families. In addition to these non profit organizations, many celebrities are helping and bringing awareness. Celebrities such as Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and Eva Longoria took to social media to send their thoughts and prayers to Mexico.


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