A Week of Remembrance

By Gianna Padilla

On September 11, 2001 there were a series of attacks on the World Trade Center, or the Twin towers. The damage was believed to be done by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda, who are formerly known for the 1988 U.S embassy bombings. The attacks consisted of two small flight planes that nineteen of the terrorists hijacked, then proceeding to crash the planes into the towers. Within an hour and forty-two minutes, both of the 110 foot buildings were engulfed into a wave of flames. 2,996 people were killed, and more than 6,000 were injured. A reported 200 firemen died trying to help the people who were affected by the incident.
Originally, four planes were supposed to hit the different landmarks. One for each tower, one for the Pentagon, and one for the White House. The first plane hit the North tower at 8:26 AM, and at 10:28 AM it falls. The south tower was hit at 9:03 AM, caving in at 9:59 AM. Both towers collapsed suddenly, spewing dust and rubble into the air and city streets. At 5:20 PM, all of the World Trade Center buildings have been burned down, and World Trade Center 6 collapses because of a unchecked fire that had been going on for seven hours.

The plane that was planned to hit the pentagon was steered slightly off path, lading in a nearby field. It grazed the pentagon, but no damage was permanent. The FAA makes sure that all of the inbound transatlantic planes are being diverted to Canada. Almost every significant building in New York City that day was evacuated by the time the second tower collapsed.

That day, America learned a lesson. That lesson is, if the White House isn’t safe, with merely a little fence to guard it, then all of America isn’t safe. However, there are actions that this country has taken to provide as much safety as possible. Airports have added more precarious and thorough security to prevent future events as this from happening, there are more police, and the fire department has become quicker to respond. If anything, despite the great despair and destruction it has caused, the day of 9/11 helped America become a safer place for everyone living here.
For the past fifteen years, we have honored those who died and those who sacrificed themselves to help others on that day because of the heroic and tragic events that they were involved in. We remember them by flying the flag at half staff, a tradition that has been carried on for years. Though the event was crushing for the whole country, we do our best to remember them fondly.

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