Flash Storm in Santa Barbara

IMG_0017By Sam Long

On Sunday September 3rd there was a flash storm in Santa Barbara. The days before were hot and sunny at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The storm was so repetitive it knocked down many trees and flag poles. The storm even washed most items on boats into the marina. At the marina most people who owned dinghies were driving and picking up the trash in the marina. Harbor patrol was also helping by managing the traffic in the marina and picking up the trash. After the storm, it went back to being 90 degrees.
Again on Thursday, September 10th it was cloudy all day and rained later at night time along with hard thundering. On the 9th when I was at the marina I could see hard thundering in a cloud in the distance. I am not complaining though, it is good that the rains here because of the drought and fire hazard. Hopefully this year we will get more rain to end the drought.
It is always nice to see a change in the weather. It is nice when it’s super hot outside then it turns nice and chilly. I enjoy when it rains because it’s always a good change of scenery in a hot costal city. To me it always seems cozy inside when it’s very cloudy outside or raining outside. It makes it even better with a candle or with a fire in the fireplace.
In conclusion, the rain was a great thing for Santa Barbara and most people enjoyed the rain very much and the environment also enjoyed it because of the drought.

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