Condors Fall Sports: Boys Basketball and Girls Soccer

By Brooks Guron

This coming Monday, Santa Barbara Junior High’s boys basketball and girls soccer season starts. The team practices three times a week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and have games on Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30 after school against the other junior highs.

Practices for the Condors are after school from 2:45 to 3:45. The first week, there’s no game and the team practices four times a week. The first game is at Goleta Valley on October 4th. The next two games are on October 11th and 18th here at SBJH against La Cumbre and La Colina. The last game, on October 25th is to be decided.

Last year, the seventh grade Condors basketball team was 2-2. They won against Goleta Valley and La Colina, but lost to La Cumbre twice. This year, I’m hoping that we’ll have a winning season and beat La Cumbre.

The coaches for the basketball team are Ms. Kilroy and Coach Kilroy and the soccer team coaches are Mr. Z and Mr. Ramos. Everyone here at Santa Barbara Junior High is all hyped for the basketball and soccer seasons.

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