My Story of the Play Hamilton

By Nina Hall

Two weeks ago my friend and I had the amazing opportunity to go see the play Hamilton on a Saturday. I think it was one of the best days of my life. That morning I woke up extremely early because I was so excited. I FaceTimed my friend, Adela, at about 9 so we could get ready together. And soon enough I was on the road driving to Los Angeles with six people in the car.

In the front seat were Adela’s parents. In the next row of seats Adela’s older brother, Jackson and his friend Taly were seated. And in the very back was me and Adela. When we got on the highway Adela’s mom asked if we wanted to listen to the soundtrack for Hamilton. We all answered with a yes and assigned ourselves characters. What that means is that if say you were assigned Eliza Schuyler then you would sing the songs that Eliza sings, and others could sing along to if they wanted. I was assigned Angelica Schuyler, Adela insisted on being Alexander Hamilton, Jackson wanted to be Aaron Burr, and Taly was given Lafayette and Laurens. Adela’s mom was Eliza Schuyler and her dad was King George. When we were ready the first song began to play. The rest of the car ride was filled with terrible singing and loud laughter. I have to say the car ride was one of the most fun parts of the trip.

After about three hours we got to Los Angeles at Adela’s Uncle’s house. Adela’s uncle is an artist. He lives in a building filled with beautiful art and multiple different rooms for painting, sculpting, photography, and any other form of art that you could think of. We spent about an hour walking around his apartment and the other rooms that came along with the building. Then we decided to go downtown to an area in the art district. We parked near a small market. Adela was really thirsty and decided to try some watermelon juice. She bought it and I asked if I could try it. As I finished my sip I was surprised to taste actual watermelon juice. They didn’t do anything to the liquid; it was straight from a watermelon. I was expecting something artificial, but pleasantly surprised by its naturalness.

We walked down a block or two and found these museums of art that did not require any money to get in. So we got to just walk in. We went into a couple of those, and I thought they were really interesting, but Adela was ready to go. So, we went to this area with chickens and different vegetables planted in the ground. The chickens were in a small coup and behind them was a wall with a gorgeous painting on it. I sat on a bench with Adela while everyone walked around because our feet were starting to really hurt. We talked about how excited we were and we couldn’t wait any longer. Adela ran over to her mother and asked if we were leaving for dinner soon. She said that we were leaving soon and that we should start walking to the car. We gathered everyone up and began to walk back to the car.

We went to a restaurant called Jane. Jackson is a vegan and Tali is sugar free, gluten free, and a vegan so we went to an all vegan restaurant. Adela and I had no clue what to get. After a lot of questions I decided to get tortilla soup and Adela got a soft pretzel. The food was okay but I understood why it was easier for us to just go there. After everyone finished Adela and I ran down to the bathroom to change our clothes. We put on our dresses and walked back out into the restaurant. When we got back to the table everyone was standing up and ready to leave. They told us that they had already paid and that it was time to leave. We all scrambled out of the restaurant and out onto the street. We quickly walked across the street and into the parking lot where our car was. Everyone said goodbye to Adela’s Uncle and got into the car in our same seats. Once we were driving none of us could contain our excitement.

We finally pulled into the parking lot. We frantically got out of the car and walked out of it. At first we couldn’t find the Pantages, but after walking for about three blocks we finally got to Hollywood Blvd. There were tons of signs all over the street for Hamilton. I was bouncing off the walls I was so excited. Adela’s parents insisted on taking tons of pictures for what felt like an hour. We all ran across the street and straight into the theatre. As we got inside there were posters up everywhere of the dancers. I have only ever been to one broadway play but non quite as big as this one. We walked into the amazing theatre. There was the most gorgeous carpet on every inch of the floor, and the ceilings were a golden yellow color. There were different designs all over the walls and many golden statues up the stairs. We were seated in the very back row on the balcony. We waited in our seats for the play to start. All around the theatre you could hear people chattering. Everyone in the theatre was probably the most impatient they have ever been. No one could wait any longer for the play to start. When the lights finally went down we screamed with joy and adrenaline.

The curtains raised to reveal Aaron Burr in what a bar would look like back in the 1700’s. He began with the first song and everyone was screaming and screaming. There were tons of dancers dancing throughout the play. Their movement was exactly like the music. Though the singers were not the original cast, it still was filled with amazing talent. I don’t want to spoil the play for others so I will keep some to myself, but I do have to say that Satisfied was amazing. It was most definitely my favorite part of the entire play. Another song that was really good was Guns and Ships. When a cannon was supposed to be shot you could almost feel it firing and flying across the room. The lights and everything were so real. Another song that was amazing was Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?. It was amazing.

I really enjoyed every bit of the play. If anyone has the chance to go see this amazing Hamilton I strongly suggest they do.


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