10 ways to have fun before and after Halloween


By Jamila Faizullabhoy


Do you want to celebrate Halloween throughout the whole month? Well have I got some ideas for you. Here are some great ideas to stay festive throughout the whole month.

1.Carve a pumpkin. Pumpkins are usually around the price from $0.50 cents to $2.00. You don’t even need special carving tools. Just grab a sharp knife, a ladle, a pencil, and a template. Cut off the top and use your ladle to scoop of the guts. Then trace your design with a pencil and cut it out. You’re done.
2.Visit an actual haunted place. This one is for the ones who love creepy things Just go on the internet and find a supposedly haunted place near you. Pack the essentials and get on your way.
3.If you don’t want to go to a haunted house, make your home one. Get some scary decorations, dress up and invite people in. Let the scaring begin.
4.Pig out on Halloween candy. Buy one of those 2 pound bags that only cost a $1.50. Crack it open and feast your heart out. WARNING: Don’t eat more if you feel sick.
5.Watch scary movies all night. This one is sure to give you the chills. Grab a bunch of friends, make some Halloween treats. Cuddle up with millions of blankets and lets the marathon began.
6.Take a night hike with friends. This one would be great too do after those scary movies. Once again gather the essentials. Go get some exercise, you definitely will because you’ll be running from all those scary sounds you here.
7.Visit the pumpkin patch. This one is definitely way less scared than the rest. Grab a couple of pumpkins to decorate your house.
8.Have a Halloween party. Invite all your friends, get that candy and party the night or days away.
9.Go to the corn maze. The corn maze is really fun to do. Grab a group of your friends and let the fun begin. For more of a challenge go in the corn maze at night.
10.Play around with costume makeup. Look up things on YouTube and try them out for yourself. Experiment and have fun.
Make your costume. Find things around your house and go buy stuff if you need. Make the costume of the season and wow everybody you know.

Now you know how to celebrate all month long. Get up and start adventuring into the spooky month of October!

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