Halloween traditions around the world

By Anya McCue



All around the world there is different traditions that families celebrate on Halloween.
Most people in California and in the United States go Trick or Treating, they throw Halloween parties or they watch scary movies. However, around the world there are many different traditions and celebrations. Here are just a few.
In Austria, some people like to leave out bread, water and a lighted lamp because it was once believed that the items could call dead souls back on Halloween night.
In Belgium, the tradition is to light candles in honor and remembrance of past relatives.
In China, they celebrate a festival called Teng Chieh. During the festival they place water and food in front of pictures of their past relative’s pictures while bonfires and lanterns are lit leading the spirits through earth on Halloween night.
In Czechoslovakia they sit around a bonfire in a circle with chairs for themselves and for their past relatives.
In Mexico, El Dia de los Muertos is their Halloween. There is a festival to honor the dead. It is celebrated for three days starting on October 31. They believe that the dead return to their homes on those days. The families make altars that care decorated with photos, flowers, food and candy. They also light candles so that the dead can find their way back home.
In Korea Halloween is called “Chusok.” They celebrate it in the August. They pay thanks to their relatives by going to their burial sites and offer fruits and rices.
Do any of these Halloween traditions look like yours? Have a Happy Halloween!

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