By Lila Gibson

How old is too old for trick-or-treating? This is a question that doesn’t really have a straight answer, but seems to just happen naturally. As you get older the fun of trick or treating seems to decrease and soon Halloween parties, fright nights, or even just hanging out with friends, seems more fun. Trick or Treating is a standard halloween tradition – going from door to door in costumes collecting candy. Kids of all ages love it, but when is the age that it stops becoming a norm, but more like something to do on a special occasion? I feel that the fun of trick or treating starts to stop around middle school. When I asked an equal amount of 7th and 8th graders I found it seems to come to a stop in 7th grade, when you’re about 12 years old. But what are some activities that you can partake in other than trick or treating? Here are a few events I enjoy doing on Halloween.
Halloween Party: Invite some friends over and set up some kind of food station. Have fun with making treats and decorating your house, or other venue, to reflect the spirit of Halloween. Include music and maybe some fun activities for your guests to participate in.


Haunted House: Going to a haunted house is a fun way to celebrate Halloween. If you enjoy being scared this might be something perfect for you to do. Walk through an amazingly decorated house with people who have been rehearsing and are dressed up and in elaborate make-up designed to scare you. Or maybe instead of going to a haunted house, you could set- up one of your own. Get together some of your friends and have fun making it!


Horror Movie Marathon: If going out and doing something isn’t really your thing, gather up some movies, and maybe even a few friends, and settle in for the night. Make some food and set up an area to watch it that’ll be cozy and where you can easily grab a blanket to hide under if you get too scared. This is a great alternate option if you still want to celebrate Halloween, but don’t want to go out.


Fright Night: Fright nights is an event that happen usually at big amusement parks, or maybe even local fairs. In California, Six Flags has a fright night that you can purchase tickets to go to. Wander the parks grounds and go on rides as people dressed in costumes try to scare you. I’ve been to it before and from a firsthand view it’s a lot of fun, and you usually get scared at least once. It’s a lot like a haunted house but there is much more to do because you can go on rides!







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