The Girl Who Never Came Back

AFFB756A-FF59-4117-97FC-2BDF7493B3B1Chapter 3:

Perspective: Interior Designer.
I was getting ready for the day. I did my hair and was ready to do my makeup. I looked into the mirror and didn’t see me.I couldn’t think. I was stiff in my seat and couldn’t move. Whatever it was grabbed me through the mirror and through me into a room.
Chapter 4:
I curled into my blankets trying to ignore the noise. A knocking at the door. It wouldn’t stop. The last time this happened my mom disappeared. I was 9 then. That was 5 years ago. I know I know, I’m 14 but I have the right to be scared. I live alone, which probably isn’t legal for a 14 year old boy but I can’t talk about my mom ever again. The knocking stopped. That’s weird. I waited 15 mins and then decided to go to sleep. Then the knocking started again, it seemed closer, it was at my window. The knocking it made me open the window. And I don’t remember anything after that, except that I was now in a room with 3 other people.















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