All About Jacob Mansbach

By Nina Hall

Most celebrities shine the light on themselves while others shine the light on the ones who need it. SBJH eighth grader, Jacob Mansbach, is one of those others.

A couple of years ago he began to work with the food bank to help families who need it. He does triathlons to raise money for the food bank. Mansbach now has his own team called Join Jacob. Kids can join him in the triathlons and in his work for the food bank. He says one of his greatest challenges is getting other kids to want to help. Something that is rewarding to him is being able to give back. He says that it is rewarding to kids and families because at the end of the day they feel good about contributing to the community and giving back to people like them. Jacob says that he really enjoys what he does and that he is very committed to his work. He says he feels a personal connection to the people he is helping. Lastly, he says that school actually doesn’t get in the way of training too much, as long as he prioritized his time. So, think about Jacob Mansbach the next time you don’t do your homework.

Overall, Jacob Mansbach makes us proud here at Santa Barbara Junior High.


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