Basketball Results

By Zoe Mixon


This week the boys basketball team played La Colina. The eighth graders and the seventh graders were split up. The eighth graders played two games and won both. One of the eighth grade games, the condors won by 9 points (SB 24 LC15). The next game SB doubled the score of LC and won 24 to 12. On the seventh grade team, the condors lost LC 29 to SB 12 breaking their 7 game winning streak. On the eighth grade team shout out to Jessie Vera for his strong defense and setting up those screens and a shout out to Jasper Kyle for staying open and taking shots for the team. Another shoutout to Enrique Ramirez for putting down multiple baskets for his team and Antionio Lemus who was hitting those outside three pointers. And lastly Adelfo Calles for earning MVP for his 110% never giving up, hustling, amazing offense and defense and leading the team. Stay tuned for next week’s basketball finals.

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