My Halloween Tradition

By Anya McCue


Halloween evening I start my Halloween Trick or Treat loop with my friends on Chelemn Way. We start going house to house until we have done about half the neighborhood. Then there used to be a huge Halloween party where there was a Haunted House and a zombie graveyard that me and my friends would go into, and usually came out terrified.
After we spend a while at the Halloween party we would do the rest of the houses in the neighborhood, trying to get as much candy as we could. Then I would walk to my friends house where we sort out all of the Halloween candy and did Trick-or-Trading. Trick or Trading is when we dump out all of our candy and we would sort out all of our candy and then trade the candy amongst ourselves. After a while we would just stay at the house for a long time eating our candy and hanging out until it was time we should probably go home.
No matter what your traditions are, have a happy Halloween!


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