Halloween Costume Contest


Halloween Costume Contest
By Nina Hall

As we enter November and leave behind Halloween we can look back on the Halloween costume as a highlight on Halloween.
This year Santa Barbara Junior High had another exciting costume contest in honor of Halloween. There were many different types of costumes of many different colors. The three categories were animals, characters and theme, and homemade. In the animals category the shark won. For character and theme the Gandalf from Harry Potter won against Donald Trump. Lastly, in the homemade category there was a tie between Russell and the Robot. Overall, everyone’s costumes were very amazing and the school is very proud of everyone who entered. Mr. Zeledon did an amazing job of running the contest and the contestants were very good sports. Everyone had a very fun time during this year’s Halloween Costume Contest.
Overall, October has been a great month filled with many exciting events inside and outside of school.



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