Green Screen in Library

By Sophia Burridge

In the library, there is now a green screen for students and teachers wanting to film a school project! Below are the instructions on how to use the green screen to make a video.
When you record, you can use the ‘Monkey Mount’ to hold your iPad. After you finish recording, go to the Photos app, select the video/picture, and tap the icon that looks like it is dragging the page up. Select all of the videos/pictures that you want, and tap the Google Drive icon near the bottom. Select “upload”.
Log onto the chromebook and go to and click sign up. Then click the red G button and log into your school email. Click on “projects” at the top and press the blue plus sign at the bottom. Title the project and choose if you would like to share the work with someone, or if you are the only one doing this. To add videos/pictures from your Google Drive, click the green upload icon, and click the Google Drive icon and find your videos. When you have added your videos/pictures, click “next” and click “create video” if you have finished.
To input your green screen, drag the background of your choosing into the bottom edit section. Double click on the person icon called “color keying” and use the dropper icon to click on the green screen background or enter the code 009933 to get rid of the green. Click “done editing” to get back to the edit screen. If you haven’t finished editing the video, now would be your chance to do that.
When you have finally finished editing your video, click “finish” at the top of the screen. Title your video with the appropriate title, then click where you want your video published.
Below is a link to the after school dance video a few members of ASB made, using the green screen.
The new green screen will be an easy way to complete a school project, while having fun doing it.

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