Five Things to do With Your Family Over Thanksgiving Break

6ED0529C-4815-4B0A-87B8-D6BEDA8C13DC By Nina Hall

Everyone goes on vacations over Thanksgiving, right? What about the people who don’t. All of their friends are away and they need something to do. Here are five things to do Over Thanksgiving break.

1. After Thanksgiving is over there is the option to decorate for the holidays. Go all out this year and spend a full day filling the house with the holiday spirit. As well as decorating the house, go to a store that may have some decorations and get new decorations. If buying decorations isn’t an option make some. Paper snowflakes are very easy to make. All that is needed is paper and scissors. To make one, first cut a circle out of the paper. Next, fold the circle in half,and fold the circle in half one more time to make a triangle. Now, cut shapes or designs out of the triangle. Unfold your triangle back into the original shape, a circle and you have made a snowflake. The size of the snowflakes depend on the size of the circle. To hang the snowflakes on the wall get any sort of thread or string and thread it through the top of the snowflake. Now hang them on different things in the house or on the wall and get creative.

2. Another thing to do is to go to an amusement park. Here in California we are surrounded by fun parks from roller coaster parks to water parks. There is Disneyland, universal studios, six flags and many more different places to go. Many people in junior high would never go somewhere with their family, but family can be very fun, especially when you are at an amusement park. Go walk around Santa Barbara with your family. Go on a walk around your neighborhood or go down State Street. State Street has many different types of stores that a lot of locals have never been inside. Go explore Santa Barbara with your family. Go out onto the pier and look out at the harbor or out into the ocean. Santa Barbara’s tourist attractions can be very interesting, even for locals.

3. Go on a bike ride with your family. There is a beautiful bike path from the Mesa all the way to the bird refuge in Montecito. It goes along the coast and is a gorgeous place to go on a bike ride. There are many little restaurants down at the harbor you can stop at whenever you are hungry. So, overall biking would be a great option, especially if younger siblings are involved.

4. Go kayaking, standup paddle boarding, or sailing. There are many different companies in the harbor fearing that experience. One of the companies even offers jet skiing. Kayaking in the harbor can be very fun, especially if you find yourself crossing paths with a sea lion. Also, the sand spit makes great parking for those kayaks and paddleboards. Hang out on the beach and have fun in the ocean. Sailing is very fun. A guide will come along with the family and help the family learn to sail if they need it. They go all the way out of the harbor and past the pier.

5. Go Ice Skating. Ice skating is super fun and there is a rink very close to Santa Barbara. The rink is called ice in paradise. Ice in Paradise is in Goleta, so it isn’t very far away depending on where you live. There is food and music, overall it is a very fun time. If you have never ice skated before they have things that you may hold on to as you ice skate. There is also the wall that can be helpful in that situation. If you are afraid about safety there are always people at the rink who are skilled ice skaters and they can help with any problems.

Hopefully your Thanksgiving break will be the best one yet! Happy Thanksgiving!

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