History of Thanksgiving

28CE5FBB-387E-4AE2-960B-4D9F16C77133By Nina Hall

Everyone knows what Thanksgiving is about, but do people know how it was created? Who created it? Why did they create it? The questions go on and on.

Thanksgiving is about being thankful for all of the things we might take for granted such as our family’s jobs, our school, our friends, our family, etc. So, the name Thanksgiving is from what the holiday is about. Many people have different opinions based on religion and different beliefs of how it was created, but this is the most common idea as to why the creators of the holiday decided to call it Thanksgiving.
Now, onto how the holiday was actually created. The very first Thanksgiving was October 1621 after the very first harvest the pilgrims conducted. The feast lasted three days and 53 pilgrims attended as well as 90 Native Americans. They were giving thanks for their plethora of goods from their harvest. Thanksgiving began to be celebrated regularly for things like a drought ending or military victory. It was not a holiday. It was more of a celebration every time something good happened that happened to have a name.

For a very long time that is how Thanksgiving was celebrated, but in 1817 New York became the first state to make Thanksgiving an annual holiday. In 1863 Abraham Lincoln finally made Thanksgiving an official holiday that all the states must celebrate on the same day. He decided on the last Thursday of November. Later, Franklin D. Roosevelt saw that if Thanksgiving happened to be the fifth Thursday of November it was too late for stores to get ready for Christmas. He changed the date of the holiday to what we now know today. Now Thanksgiving is always on the fourth Thursday in November.

Now you have some very interesting dinner talk for your Thanksgiving celebration. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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