IMG_0145By Zoe Mixon

As you know Taylor Swift came out with her new album Reputation on November 10 2017. Since then a lot of people have taken a liking to the music. She sold over a million copies of her album over the course of four days. This album is definitely a hit.

Although people like her new album others had a different opinion. A lot of people are saying that the album didn’t really seem like Taylor’s old music. To some people this was a good change, but to some they didn’t like the change. The album is definitely different from her old music, hints the name, “reputation”. Over the past years Taylor Swift has had a lot of changes with her music. She changed from country to pop. With this change Taylor Swift is trying to take her music more seriously and create a new image for herself, and I can see why. For a very long time and even still today people always knew her as the teenage girl who sang about her countless breakups. Seeing that she wants to get away from all of those stereotypes we can’t blame her for changing her music again.

Overall Taylor Swift’s new album is very successful and her fans definitely support her new decisions in her music carrier.

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