Thanksgiving Traditions for the Journalism Staff

B6A27B5C-A40C-4BC0-8DD9-03DA7D1FC930Every year we celebrate a holiday called Thanksgiving. It’s a day for giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest of this year, and for the beginning of the next. In North America, Thanksgivings history is rooted in traditions from the Protestant Reformation. Depending on your history and roots, you celebrate certain traditions.
Here is how our Journalism class students celebrates.

Angela Atkinson.
My family has a lot of Thanksgiving traditions. We always eat turkey, stuffing, potatoes and sit down as a family to say what we are grateful for. After we share what we are grateful for, we play a game. My mom has cards with questions and everyone has to pick a card and answer the question. Those are my family’s Thanksgiving traditions.

Jamila Faizullabhoy
On thanksgiving break I usually go and visit family. We go a few days early so we can visit some sights. Then for a couple of days we just catch up with family. On the actual day of Thanksgiving we all help in some kind of way. Some people set up the table and some people cook the food. I am usually in charge of desserts and bake a delicious apple pie. The day after Thanksgiving everybody sits in a circle and we give each other gifts. It is basically like a secret santa during Thanksgiving. In the end, my Thanksgiving is always filled with cheerful memories.

Brooks Guron
For Thanksgiving, my family all comes together to celebrate it. My grandma and my aunts and my parents make a lot of food like a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, and pie and ice cream for dessert. Sometimes, we go someplace to celebrate it. One time, we went to a cabin in the woods by a river. We also watch all of the big football games that go on on Thanksgiving.

Lucy Hancock
During my Thanksgiving break, my family does what we would normally do on any break. Except maybe eat a bit more food than normal. We will probably just be in our rooms doing what we would do over the weekend. Is doing nothing a tradition? Because my family doesn’t do much. Some of my family might go down to LA for a day to browse some thrift stores and fun food places. But that’s not necessarily a tradition
However, I am thankful that I have a week off after two four day weeks, and that not long after the thanksgiving break it will be winter break! I am also thankful that I get to go to LA and receive more opportunities to go horseback riding.

Carolina Koceman
During thanksgiving break I have family from my mom and dad come down to Santa Barbara. My family normally hosts Thanksgiving at our house. My cousin and aunt help my mom with the dinner. My other cousin and I help my mom with the yams. We normally make turkey, yams, mash potatoes, and many other foods. My aunt and I always do crafts as well. This is what I do over Thanksgiving break.

Jessie Logsdon
During Thanksgiving, I fly to Texas to spend the week with my dad. He lives outside of Austin and the flight usually takes around six hours.I go with my grandma (his mom) so that we can both see him. Once we land, we drive to their house and unpack. We set up Thanksgiving decor and talk for a while before going to sleep. For the week, we spend our days planning our grand meal, shopping, and cooking. The day of Thanksgiving, my dad and I spend all day in the kitchen preparing the turkey and baking desserts. My grandpa comes over for dinner and we spend a couple hours just chowing down on turkey and potatoes. It is always a lot of fun eating the food that took so long to make and spending time with my family.

Zoe Mixon
I am excited for thanksgiving because I get to see my family and eat good food. One of my favorite parts of thanksgiving is I get to see a lot of my family members. For thanksgiving every year my family switches off to which side of the family we go to. This year I am having thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family and next year I will have thanksgiving with my dad’s side of the family. When we go to thanksgiving on my mom’s side, we usually eat at my aunt’s house. Usually a lot of people come. A lot of the people are mainly my mom’s cousins and their kids. (So my second and third cousins.) There are also my first cousins who are all about the same age as me. Since there are some younger kids, my sister and I get to watch all of them. It is fun to watch them but it is also chaotic. Another one of my favorite parts of thanksgiving is the food. Like a lot of people, my family always has turkey, stuffing, and some type of potatoes. Overall I am excited for thanksgiving.

Alondra Valdez
Thanksgiving it not the biggest deal with my family, we celebrate it with food but that’s really it.For thanksgiving it is not usually my whole family it is usually me, my little sister, maybe my second oldest sister, my oldest sister, and my mom. We have some turkey and pumpkin pie. I love pumpkin pie. My dad is usually at work because it gets very busy at his work on thanksgiving. Although my family doesn’t really do thanksgiving we still eat the food. I am thankful for all my pets and my family for friends and nature.

Camila Angeles
I don’t really have any thanksgiving traditions, but every year on my mom’s side of the family we watch football.

Serina Auchstetter
My grandparents don’t really get along. My Abueli doesn’t like my abuelitas boyfriend or his son Jesus, who’s so great. Anyway so she doesn’t invite him or his son. Because no one gets along we usually have 2 thanksgivings. Then again sometimes we just leave. This year I think we’re going on a roadtrip I don’t know where yet, but somewhere. So that’s my traditions I guess.

Sophia Burridge
During Thanksgiving, my family usually goes over to a family member’s house that is usually out of town. We have never hosted it at my house before, but it usually switches from my family in Nevada and my grandpa who lives in Pismo Beach.
My family doesn’t have set traditions, and every year is a little bit different. It usually depends on who we are with and what we are doing.

Christina Castro
I don’t really have any thanksgiving traditions but I usually just stay home with my parents and siblings or we got to a family friend’s house . We usually stay home and eat turkey apple pie and more thanksgiving tradition food. Before we eat we say our grace and after we say what we’re thankful for. After all of that we eat dessert and then watch a movie.

Ayris Dominguez:
For thanksgiving I go to my uncle’s house and my cousins all come too. My uncle lets us know when to come over for thanksgiving. He does care a lot about cooking and how it will turn out. When we all get there he prepares everything on the table, and the kids go outside and the parents stay inside and help. When he calls us in we all sit down and say grace. That usually takes around 2 minutes, then we eat. Overall I am thankful for having food on the table because many people can’t have that.

Lila Gibson
In my house we don’t really have any set thanksgiving traditions. We like to change it up every year depending on how much of our family is in town, or friends that are available. Either we have a very large thanksgiving or a small one with just my immediate family. Usually we wake up and put some of the food in the oven and while it cooks we love to walk down to the beach. Once we get back we enjoy just relaxing at the house and cooking dinner, while spending time all together. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past couple of years, though some thanksgivings we go to friends houses for a large dinner/ get together. I’m thankful for the family I have and the food that we get to enjoy every year.

Nina Hall
My family has very basic Thanksgiving traditions. We have done many things throughout the years and we have tried many new foods each year, but we always seem to come back to these things. Most often, we have friends over. I can’t remember a Thanksgiving where there were not other people at the dinner table. One year we went to a giant Thanksgiving party, but that never happened again. We eat a turkey, some times there is also steak because my brother is very picky. Then we always have stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, green beans, and corn. For dessert there is usually an apple pie, some brownies, and ice cream. Then afterwards we watch the Peanuts video “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” After that we just have fun with whoever is at our house.

Sam Long
On thanksgiving me and my family make many desserts and my grandma comes over.

Anya McCue
Thanksgiving is a big tradition in my family. Over the course of the beginning of Thanksgiving my family starts to arrive in Santa Barbara for Thanksgiving. Finally it is Thanksgiving day and everyone goes to my Grandma’s house. All of the kids run around the huge yard or play cards in the living room, while all of the adults are usually visiting or in the kitchen, preparing for the dinner, or playing horse shoes. As the sun goes down everyone have to do the job that is assigned. Usually my cousins peel the potatoes while me and my sister mash them. Then we go into to the dining room and have the huge feast. Everyone sits down at their seat in their assigned seat with the card that says their name. All of the dishes are passed around the huge table. Then my grandma takes a picture, like she does every year. We usually go around the table saying what we are thankful for. Everyone has as many servings as they like until everyone is to full to do anything. The kids will clear their plates and go to the living room where they will usually play cards. Then a while later we have apple, pecan and pumpkin pie. Then Thanksgiving starts winding down. People start to leave until everyone is gone. The following days afterwards we have re runs of Thanksgiving dinner using all of the left overs. Finally, once all my family has left Santa Barbara, Thanksgiving is done for the year.

Sophia Ramirez
Thanksgiving is a whole holiday dedicated to giving thanks to everything you are thankful for. My family doesn’t do what most families probably do. My family doesn’t even give thanks. Me, my mom, my tia, and my nana make thanksgiving dinner, while all my cousins are playing and my dad, his cousins, and his friends watch football. Although my family doesn’t give thanks, I am mostly thankful for my family and my close friends that are like my family.

Makai Trimble
A thanksgiving tradition I have is going to Lompoc with my cousins and playing family games like family hide and seek, family football, and basketball .Also we watch the nfl games that are on on thanksgiving and then we start cooking after. Also we go to the Black Friday sale and they have this big shopping mall out there. Lastly I’m thankful for my family.

Bennett Van Donge
My family has 3 family traditions. Our traditions are we always eat dinner at my cousin’s house, we always watch the Dallas Cowboys game, and my family always plays a football game outside at Monta Vista School, down the street from my cousin’s house. I am thankful for family.

Mason Redick
The Thanksgiving tradition for me is to go to Las Vegas, watch football, and take pictures. Another thing we do is play board games and charades. At the end we say what we’re thankful for. I’m thankful for my family and where we live.

Thanksgiving is a fun holiday for most everyone in our Journalism class, and is a day to celebrate family and food. Everyone has different traditions for their Thanksgiving and we hope everyone has a great break celebrating, and showing appreciation for everything their thankful for!





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