La Arcada Christmas Walk

By Nina Hall

On November 31st the beautiful La Arcada Christmas walk returned to Santa Barbara once again. The La Arcada Christmas Walk is a very fun event in La Arcada, if the name of the event didn’t already give it away. Every year there are people singing Christmas songs scattered in different spots. Some dress up as they used to in the 1800’s. They sing all of the holiday classics and even do originals from time to time. Many of the restaurants in La Arcada hand out free apple cider or cookies. There is also free popcorn located in the center and at the entrances of La Arcada. The best thing of all is the beautiful Christmas decorations all over La Arcada. The lamps are wrapped with lights and colors of green and red. There are Christmas trees in different parts of the plaza with lights strung along their beautiful green branches.

There are also dancers from the Nutcracker at the Arlington theatre who pass out flyers for their Nutcracker. I am one of those people. Every year my studio walks down to La Arcada for the fun holiday event. We wear our Nutcracker costumes and try to get more people to come to our show. We often get rejected when we try to give a flyer to someone. We even find flyers in the trash from time to time, but sometimes something special happens. People’s faces light up when they see our costumes and they even ask us for a flyer. Little kids come up and hug us and tell us that we are so pretty. The experience is so grand. My friends and I were standing together handing out flyers and a man came up to us. He said he was a journalist. He asked us if he could ask a couple of questions and take some pictures. So he began and he asked each of us questions. It was such a fun experience. My friends and I had never been interviewed like that. La Arcada is an amazing experience.

La Arcada is so special because so many people come to see the beautiful lights and taste the amazing food. Different people from all over Santa Barbara can come to La Arcada and celebrate the holidays.

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