Modern Master Art Award SBIFF



By Zoe Mixon

On Friday Night on February second, we went to the Santa Barbara Film Festival. We got the chance to meet a lot of people such as directors, actors, producers, etc. For example we met Gary Oldman, Leonard Martin, Ross Partridge, and a few other people.

First up in the read carpet was Quinn Kanaly and Noel Dockstader who were both producers for the movie Point of No Return. The First questions we asked them was “Is it you first time here at the film Festival?”

“This is our First time here”, Quinn responded.

The second question that we asked them was what was the hardest part if this project?

“That is very hard question there were lots of hard parts”. “Getting through the times of doubt because it was a very long project and there were a lot of unknowns and there were a lot of times when you really didn’t know if, because it was an adventure story, you don’t know what is going to happen and your trying to capture this story of ups and downs. It is kind of never letting yourself get down because you have to believe in the story.”Next we asked them “What is the story about?” Noel said “it is about a solar powered airplane that flies around the world.” Quinn added “It flies without any fuel and is an experimental, it is the size of a 747 in terms of wing span and it weighs the weight of a car and you can poke your finger through it because it is made out of carbon fiber as thin as a piece of paper and fabric so it is extremely fragile and very dangerous to fly. Two brave pilots decided to build this thing for over a decade and fly it or attempt to fly it around the world and they had many ups and downs and setbacks that were weather related technology related and I won’t spoil the rest of it for you I hope you come to see it Tomorrow at the Lobero 4:30”, they said.

The last question that we asked them was “how did you get this idea for the plane?”

They said “we all ways have been attracted to environmental stories and also doing adventure stories and so we read about it during research for our next project and we read about it in a article online then we talked about it and we said that this had a potential to be a historic moment so we cold emailed the pilots and they wrote back.”

The next people on the red carpet was Jennifer Lafleur who was an actress from the movie Making Babies and Ross Partridge her husband (who plays Lonnie Byers from Stranger Things). The first question that we asked her was “what was it like acting in this film?”

“I got to work with Elisa Coop who made me laugh so hard very day I might’ve peed my pants. She was really so much fun to work with”, she responded.

Last we asked her “How does this compare to other projects that you have done?”

“Well I had just come in for I think four days of acting on this movie so sometimes you go in for a whole month and your living there and you really get to know everybody, and sometimes though come in just for a few days and you feel like the new kid at school. So for this I was in for the very last four days so I think it was fun for the cast and crew to have somebody new come in and it was fun for me because it was such a nice warm group of people”, she said.

We then interviewed Leonard Maltin who was next on the red carpet. He is a Film critic that worked with Gary Oldman.

The first question that we asked him was, “what were some stand out moments to you in Gary Oldman’s carrier?”

“They are all stand out moments he is such a good actor and he is a chameleon. He really does change from film to film. He can do accents he can change his look. How many people can say they played Dracula and Beethoven, and Winston Churchill. And been convincing through all of that, he is one of the great actors of our time”, he said.

The last question we asked him was “what your favorite part of working with Gary Oldman?”

“Well he is easy to talk to that is nice, you don’t have to struggle to get answers out of him. Some actors are shy, some actors are brilliant actors but they are not necessarily able to talk about what they do and he can”, he responded.

The last person of the red carpet was Gary Oldman. He plays Winston Churchill from Darkest Hour.

First we asked him, “How did you prepare for this historic role?”

“How did I prepare? Well I had about nine months and I read as many books as I could, I watched as much news footage as I could get my hands on, I listened to all of the old recordings of Churchill, and at the time I even had Churchill app. The app had all of the recordings on it and I would play them in the car when I would drive around. I had to emerge myself in everything Churchill and my wife here Giselle was my visual consultant and my collaborator in putting him all together.”

Next we asked, “What was the hardest part about making this film?”

He said “The days, we had to come in very early in the morning and then putting on makeup for four hours. The stamina I worked fourth eight days consecutively it was quite tough on the body.”

Lastly we asked him “What advice outlet you give to young aspiring actors?”

He responded “If you ve got time what I did before I went to drama school is I just used to go and read plays and I would go to the bookstore. I read lost of plays and speeches. Here’s the thing I would say, you have got to want it more than anything. Because it is so though and there is a lot of rejection. You have got to want it it has to be in your blood.”

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