Virtuosos Award SBIFF

By Jamila Faizullabhoy and Anya McCue IMG_3630

In February 3rd at The Arlington theatre was the Virtuoso Awards.
The following stars were on the red carpet-Daniel Kaluuya, Hong Chau, John Boyega, Kumail Nanjiani, Mary J. Blige, and Timothée Chalamet. Sadly, Gal Gadot who plays Wonder Woman could not attend the film festival.

The condor press got moved up to be the first people to interview all the stars. The stars came down the red carpet and the photographers flashed their cameras. In the beginning we got to interview a lot of the stars but as time passed we didn’t because they were all getting late to the event.
Dania Ramirez Off the Menu
Q:“What was the main difference of being in a TV show to a movie?”

A:“It’s not so much the acting but the fans, you know? Because with a TV show there is this familiarity because they are watching you in their homes and you become part of their life. When you are in a movie there is a different type of glamour to it where people don’t feel like they can see you in the street, like all the characters are cool, right?”

Q:“How do you know that the fans react differently if you are in a TV show or a movie?”

A:It’s the way that the fans approach you, their is this comfortability when you are in a TV show and then there’s little bit of like, Oh my god she is in a movie

Q:What would you say is your favorite part of making this film?

A:The cooking and the playing a mom you know that’s my favorite part, you know I have kids of my own, I have two babies that are four years old that when you get to be a mom there is a love and connection that I feel like, really, I really love and I really love that it is a part of my everyday basis and I love that it is also a part of my job, and the cooking!

Q:Is it hard managing time between having time with your children and your job?

A:Yeah, it is a very difficult thing to be able to manage my time but, you know I am really blessed I have an amazing husband, and stepson that is like an older brother for my children and they always keep me loved. And now with FaceTime, it almost feels so much easier than before.

Q:As the story progressed did the change in the character change you in any way??

A:I always grow as a person and I think that also the enviroment that I am acting in, I got to go experience the Mexican town and just living in a different city and the people of the city are always changing I think that this is the really great thing about acting what I do for a living is that I get to experience different things and include with the experience that I am having in the movie.

Q:What made you consider being an actor in the first place?

A:It just kind of randomly happened for me, if I remember back in my life I lived in the dominican republic, so I remember singing songs and , but I never thought this is something I could do acting as a proffesion and then one day I was dancing in front of the store and one day someone asked me if I wanted to model and then one thing lead to another, I started to take an acting class and somehow I am here getting interviewed by you guys.

Though all the actors of Silicon Beach came together we ended up getting two separate interviews.

Andrea Snaedal and Antjuan Tobias had lots of advice to give young actors. We asked them what they could tell aspiring actors or people who wanted to work in the film industry advice. “They told us that keep friends in the industry. You are going to bond over relatable topics and get to know each other. Also don’t think it’s ever too late to start filming and directing now.

Max Gold, Oliver Singer, Andrea Snaedal, Antjuan Tobias (Silicon Beach)
Was being a director always your dream job?>Max Gold
Actually it was
What was it like filming on the beach?>Max Gold, Oliver Singer
(Talking about Andrea Sneadal) Max Gold-I can tell you for a fact that she woke up the day after school graduation at 4 or 5 am to go to a beach to lie down in freezing water as it is washing over her as she is trying to look beautiful and serene when I can tell you it was definitely bothering her, and it is take after take after take and it is not glamorous, I mean it looks nice, but it is just one of the things we do.

Something I learned was that you are going to have to wait to get some interviews. For example, We waited and waited for Timothée Chalamet to walk the red carpet. Though he was late to the event, his manager let us get one question. I asked him, “What was the most important lesson you learned from this movie.” I got an answer that was short but had a lot of meaning. “That love is love is love.” We waited very long for this interview and it payed off, sometimes you might wait forever to interview somebody and you might not even get the chance.

We got to interview Daniel Kaluuya from Get Out. We asked him what the coolest part of the movie was. He couldn’t answer right away as he was stumped as he had never been asked that question before. Daniel then went on to tell us that the death scenes were his favorite parts. We then went on to congratulate for his award as he walked away.

There were many more people there that we don’t get the chance to interview such as Mary J Blige, Kumail Nanjiani, John Boyega, Christopher Lloyd, and Hong Chau but overall it was a great night and we got to interview a lot of great people.




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