Pros and Cons of a Dodge Demon

By Samuel Long


The Dodge demon is a version of a challenger that has a 840 horsepower instead of the base 305 horsepower. The car has a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine and a fuel injector. The Demon only takes two seconds from 1 to 60mph and 9.65 seconds to go 140mph.



First off the speed is insane for being a muscle car it can beat mercedes sports cars. The Dodge Demon can do a wheelie exactly 2.92ft off the ground. The Dodge Demon is actually lighter by 215 pounds than the Hellcat weighing at 4,500 pounds. To add a seat it’s $1, seems kinda odd instead of including it in the car and adding it to the overall price but that’s cheap.

First of the tires are labeled as unsafe and cannot be used in wet whether because risk of hydroplaning. Dodge also says to always inspect the tires for cracking. You are not able to use the high octane fuel on the roads. It is so fast its banned from drag racing by the National Hot Rod Association. Look up Hellcat crash, hopefully this doesn’t happen to you.

The Dodge demon is a super fast car but it is dangerous, too many things can go wrong. You also need to take care of it and inspect it daily. I would say this car is kind of dodgy, but seriously it does have pros but a lot of cons while being barely street legal.

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