Spring Into Spring Dance

CFBA1C9C-6616-447F-B629-F8530FDD8733By Katie Ostlander

Friday, March 9th at 2:30, is the Spring Into Spring Dance. This is the second ASB sponsored dance of the 2017-2018 school year. The school dances are meant to give students a fun break and a chance to bond with friends in a school safe event. Tickets will be sold all week in the quad. For those who wish to purchase cheaper tickets, we encourage students to buy their dance tickets in the quad for the lower price of $3, opposed to the $5 at the door. We also encourage students to ask for parent volunteers to provide food for the students. ASB has spent weeks planning and preparing for this fun event and we took into consideration the suggestions after the last dance. If students have anymore suggestions or comments, we urge students to go to Ms.Garza’s room on Wednesdays during lunch to join the ASB meetings. Here we can hear from guests to make our dances and events more enjoyable for the students. We hope to see students and their friends Friday at the dance!

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