ASB Holds First Meeting

By Anya McCue

On August 29, 2018, this year’s SBJH ASB Cabinet held their first meeting at lunch. At the meeting was Noel Soriano, the ASB President, Charlotte Bennett, the ASB Vice President, Kaia Abraham, our ASB Treasurer, Kyle Litton, our ASB Sergeant in Arm, and Anya McCue, our ASB secretary.

At the meeting they talked with Mr. Shelton, Ms. Garza and Ms. Neimroozi about the fundraisers and the dances that are coming up for our school. Also any ideas that they had for any events that we could hold for fundraising that would also be fun for the Santa Barbara Junior Highers who came and their parents.

This meeting was just the first of many and I can tell that this year’s ASB Cabinet is going to try their hardest to make this year the best for all of the SBJHS Condors at this school.


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