WEB DAY: A Seventh Grade Perspective

By Lucy Fisher and Kelly Meeder

As we all know WEB day was the second day of school, Thursday August 23rd. The point of WEB day was to familiarize the seventh graders with the school and potentially meet new people. Several 8th graders volunteered to be WEB Leaders this year and led a group of 7th graders most of the day and played lots of games to break the ice. They also gave us a tour of our new school. A lot of the games they had us play built teamwork and memory skills, and everyone got to know each other’s names by the end. On WEB day, the school held the first student assembly of the year, we sang funny songs and watched eighth grade WEB leaders Kyle and Carah lead a fun game. Overall, WEB day helped a lot of incoming 7th graders feel welcomed into their new school.


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