Bullying Must Stop!

By Angelina Marquez and Christina Castro,

To be bullied means to get called names, and constantly getting hurt and abused because of other kids.Bullying is causing 4,400 students to commit suicide,  and 160,000 to stay home from school everyday, because they’re scared of getting bullied. Bullying has happened every year, and it’s causing kids to pass away every single day . People get bullied in different ways like cyberbullying, physical bullying,verbal bullying, and social bullying. All of those causes can escalate to different levels.

Cyberbullying is when people get harmful texts or get harmful videos about themselves.Can also be messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. Physical bullying is when people hit you, push you, slap you, stealing and destroying your property. There’s also different types like sexual harassment, fighting , practical jokes. In physical bullying people get bruises, skipping school, wanting to run away, and talking about suicide or violence against others. Verbal bullying is when kids get insults, teased, called names, homophobic and racist remarks. It can start out as harmless but when it escalates it can get reach levels that start  affecting and targeting individuals. The last one is social bullying. Social bullying is when people leave you out on purpose, telling other people not to be friends with someone, spreading rumors about someone, and embarrassing someone in public can really hurt their feelings.

All these types of bullying are causing kids to wonder everyday whether they’re good enough and if they should even be alive. Bullying can cause kids to not got to school, skip class, and even think about suicide.


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