After School Sports Preview

By Indiya Zubiate

If you have a love for sports and like to compete you won’t want to miss this years first season of after school sports. I recently had the chance to talk to Mr. Brennand who is in charge of the sports program and got information about the new season.

There are several different sports to choose from to compete in for our afterschool sports program at SBJH. There are four seasons  of sports spread out during the year. In the fall girls will be playing soccer and boys will be playing basketball. After when the seasons over boys will do soccer and girls will do basketball. All of the other seasons of sports are a mix of boys and girls. While track is going on there will also be ultimate frisbee and gaming. Then our next and last season of sports will be flag football and volleyball. Both 7th and 8th graders can compete in any of these sports.

The first practice will be held on September 24, and it starts after school from 2:45-3:45. You will be meeting on the field or basketball courts depending on what sport your doing. Practice is everyday except fridays and practice lasts about an hour. Game days are every Wednesday, but the first week is more of an introduction of the sport, games don’t start till the following week.

When we do start to have games we will be competing against the other jr high in the district. We compete against La Colina, La Cumbre, and also Goleta Valley. Sometimes we will have home games or away games it just depends and every weeks different. Since it is a five week season and one of the weeks is an introduction that would leave you with four weeks. There’s only three schools, which means at the end of the season you get to rematch another school. The school offers a variety of sports to play where the students can learn and a compete in sports and learn what it’s like being apart of a team.


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