Google Calendar at SBJH


By Andrew Janigian and Lucy Fisher


Google Calendars

By Andrew Janigian

Google Calendar is a virtual schedule that automatically logs all of your homework from google classroom. By adding this feature to the iPads, the Santa Barbara School District has eliminated the need for physical agendas. It is easier and more effective than a traditional agenda, and also gives you room to log your personal activities. It is downloadable on phones and tablets making it portable as well. Instead having to search around in your backpack for your agenda, just pull out your iPad and check it on there. If you forget your iPad at home, you can sign into Google and use it on a school iPad. If you forget your paper agenda, you can’t do anything about it.

Google is not only a search engine but also has a multitude of apps, some focused around school. They include Google Classroom, Google Calendar, Google Earth and more. They are very useful, and we use them a lot here at Santa Barbara Junior High. These apps are not only used here at school though, they are also used inside jobs as well. My father is a doctor and uses an application similar to Google classroom to log all of his patients for the day. It is very helpful for him, and he does not have to use a paper log now. Now he is able to do his work faster and more efficiently.

In conclusion, I think that Google Calendar will be very beneficial in the future, and I am excited to see how these types of platforms influence the growth of technology. I believe that with these types of technologies, society as a whole will be able to work faster and more efficiently.


Agendas are better than Google Calendar

by Lucy Fisher

This year at Santa Barbara Junior High we are not using agendas. I don’t think it was a good idea. It makes it so we can’t write down the things that we need to do.

Speaking for myself, I don’t remember the things I’m supposed to do if I don’t actually write them down. I think that we shouldn’t have to use our iPads to write down our homework. I just think it is a lot more work for the teachers to have to post the homework on Google Calendar everyday.

I think that it would be a lot easier to just get your agenda out of your backpack instead of getting your iPad out and having to go into the app and find the week and the day. It also is better for you because it would make it so we had less screen time.

In conclusion,  I think that Google Calendar is not a very good idea. It could work for a little while, but then people will just end up forgetting to check it because we are on our iPads so much and it is just another thing to do. By contrast, the only thing agendas are for are reminders so we wouldn’t get distracted while looking at it. Agendas are just way more straight forward!


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