Hurricane Florence Hits Hard

By Christina Castro


On September 9th , 2018 Hurricane Florence started. Hurricane Florence is getting worse by the day. The rain is getting harder as well as the wind. The floods are getting higher. The death toll is rising and right now it’s at 42, Half of them died in their vehicles. The saddest tragedy I heard was about a mother with her seven month old baby. A tree fell on their house and they sadly passed away. About 95,000 South Carolina residents lost power immediately as a result of the storm. Estimated damage is $1.2 billion and it will be the worst disaster in the state’s modern history. Some think they might lose South Carolina’s farms because of billions in damage.

The news channel has said that the flood is going to be about 9 feet. Some firefighters are trying their best at the moment to help the people who are stuck in their house, or are in the water. They are helping the animals (more than 100 cats and dogs) that are in their home or are swimming around . About 1.7 million chickens have died because of the flooding. They say that hurricane Florence cost more than Katrina and Harvey both together. This means that this hurricane might be the worst one yet.

The aftermath of the hurricane has been horrible. There are fish on the streets , there’s a big flood , and people are abandoning their pets. A good thing that is happening throughout the aftermath though is that there are going to be people who will want to help make it better, maybe like help cleaning and donate things. Although hurricane Florence is a big disaster, it has helped their community come together to help one another.


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