Welcome Ms. Chloe Johnson

By James Bell

At SBJH we are lucky to have all of our wonderful teachers. Some have been here a long time and some are new. Today I interviewed my 5th period English teacher Ms. Chloe Johnson.

I first asked Ms. Johnson about her interests outside of school? She said she is a volunteer for a program called, Young Life. When I asked her why she wanted to become a teacher, she said that when she was in school, she had a hard time as a student when she was in school and wanted to help others succeed in school.

One class that taught her the skills of becoming a good teacher was Social Entrepreneur. It helped her learn how to problem solve which helps the teacher understand the students needs. I asked who “influenced her” to become a teacher. Her response was that she had some great teachers in high school. One thing I know is Ms. Johnson loves to read books. Right now she is reading a book called, I Know Why a Caged Bird Sings. One of the books that she would like to read with her students is The Giver. When I asked what she was like as a student, she told me she was “naturally a good student” until the 10th grade.

When she is not teaching Ms. Johnson likes to hike and run. I asked Ms. Johnson where she sees herself in 10 years and she said “that is a hard answer.” Her favorite part of being a teacher is getting to know the students’ strengths.

At the end of the interview I asked  if she had any questions for me. She asked what my all time favorite book is, I told her my favorite book is Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

Thank you Ms. Johnson for becoming a Condor here at SBJH.


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